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What job platforms does this system work through?

Currently we work with ZipRecruiter. 

It is possible that your job ads will get published on free sites such as Indeed, but we cannot guarantee this nor do we have control over which ads get pushed to their platform.

Every agency that wants to use the system needs to have an owner’s circle recruiter site. Please visit Quility Tech to insure you have the recruiter funnel add-on.

What does the recruiting system do?

The system is an automated funnel that triggers an email and text message daily when an applicant applies through the job board.  If the candidate does not schedule an interview on the first day, then the system will email and text again, if the candidate gets on the calendar, then the automation will stop.

Click here to see the content of the emails and text messages.

How do I start this process?



to begin the process of submitting to be a part of the recruiting automation funnel!

What happens after I send in my setup?

We will build your ads in a system called clear co and this is where will manage your ads and markets. You will not have access to this system as we will manage the ads and markets from our side. It will take our team 3 business days to get you set up and then your account will be sent to zip recruiter or get work. In regards to zip recruiter, the timing can vary but will usually take 7- 10 business days. 

ZipRecruiter will send you an insertion order (IO) through DocuSign. After signing your insertion order your account is NOT yet live. It will still take several days to approve ads. You will be assigned a rep at ZipRecruiter after your account is live. 

How do I get billed ?

You will receive an initial insertion order from ZipRecruiter when we setup your account. After which you will receive a bill at the end of the month with payment instructions. 

When and how do I change my ads ?

Every 3rd Friday you’ll receive an email with a link to a form to update your ad. The email will show your current ad content and markets. Please note that we are not able to edit your ads for you, we can only review your ads for compliance. The copy and creative content of the ad will be your responsibility.

Switchboard Walkthrough

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to navigate Switchboard.

What is the process the candidate will see?

After they have applied, the candidate will receive an email and text message for 3 days in a row unless they schedule an appointment.
There is the email and SMS copy for the 3 days. Once they schedule the auto communication will stop. CLICK HERE for email and text copy.

How do I choose the cities to post ads in ?

It is recommended that you select suburbs of major cities where you want to recruit, since larger cities will be more competitive and have a lower lead generation. We are not authorized to select markets or cities for you, so you’ll need to find cities you wish to place your ads. It is fairly simple to google a list of suburbs of any major city.

How do I know if my ad is going to get optimal results?

Review these recommended best practices for ad creation for optimize results. We also have a weekly zoom meeting on Thursday’s at 11am CST with our head of marketing Rebecca Cross.

  1. Ad titles should be less than 39 characters
  2. Avoid use of special characters such as, ! $ – or emoji’s 🙂
  3. Avoid using ALL CAPS

I want to talk about compensation in my ad, how do I do that while being compliant?

You have to use the following language as an example, “Agents that have followed our proven system have earned up to $100k in their first year”

You can NOT say things like, “You can earn up to 100k” or positions pays between “30k and 100k” or any such language.

How long does it take to get setup from start to finish

Roughly 10-14 business days once you’ve completed the Manager Setup Form.

How often can I make changes to my ads?

Once a month before the 3rd Friday. There will be an Ad Update Form sent to you at that point.

Do I need an Owner's Circle Recruiting Funnel site?

If Solo: Yes, you will need an Owner’s Circle site AND the Recruiting Funnel add-on.

If Round-Robin: Only one person in the pod will need an OC site and the Recruiting Funnel add-on. 

These can be purchased on Quility Tech.

How many candidates can I expect to see on my budget?

We are finding cost per lead applicant is between $5-6. For example, if you have an ad budget of $2,000, that will typically bring in approx. 300-400 leads.

The number of candidates has gone down since the ads were started. What happened ?

ZipRecruiter uses a calendar month for their ad placement and billing. If you start your ZipRecruiter account in the middle of the calendar month, your entire budget will still be spent in the remaining days.

For example: If your account is setup on the 15th, your entire monthly ad budget will still be used in the remaining 15 days resulting in a higher-than-usual number of leads. If your account is setup on the 25th, your entire monthly ad budget will still be used in the remaining 5 days resulting in a much, much higher-than-usual number of leads.

I am experiencing a high number of no-shows, how can I improve my show rate?

We recommend that you text them from your personal number the morning of their appointment, introducing yourself and letting them know you are looking forward to the appointment.

You can also setup automated SMS messaging from your Appoitmentcore messaging to remind scheduled candidates of their upcoming appointment.

Can I split up the billing at ZipRecruiter ?

No. If you wish to split your account, you’ll need to handle the billing within your own team, as there can only be one account owner for ZipRecruiter who is responsible for the billing each month. 

Do I get a login to Clear Company?

We are not able to allow you access to Clear Company at this time. However, we are working on creating a unique user portal for users to login and see their leads as well as gain access to certain reports. 

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