Appointmentcore Setup Walkthroughs, Checklists and FAQ's

Hi team, below you will find a wealth of knowledge regarding Appointmentcore, how to set it up, additional features and configurations available to you as well as FAQs. Please review all information on this page before emailing and asking
questions, as we get inundated with requests and are not always available to respond to emails right away.

Round Robin Leader Setup

Solo Agent Setup

Round Robin Team Member Setup

Crucial Setup Checklist

If the following Appointmentcore functions are not setup, deleted, changed or edited incorrectly
it can cause significant errors, please review carefully and insure that your Appointmentcore is setup properly.

#1: Make Sure Your Calendar Is Connected

  • (For Admins Only) Check “Integrations” under “Company Settings” and confirm the calendar type or types you and your team members utilize are all toggled on. As an admin, if you do not toggle these on, your team members will not be able to utilize the integrations either.
  • (All users) Under “My User Settings” click on “My Integrations” and make sure your calendar is connected.
  • While you’re there make sure “Infusionsoft” is also connected. (If not email

#2: Make Sure "My Calendars" Settings Are Correct

  • Un-Check Appointmentcore and Infusionsoft for both “Check for availability” and “Add Appointments Here.”



  • Make sure all calendars you are using for availability are checked, and that all calendars you wish to add appointments to are checked, but you need a minimum of one calendar checked. 

#3: Make Sure "Personal Availability" Settings Are Configured

  • Configure personal availability. Click on “Personal Availability” click on “Use My Availability” then check which days you are available for appointments and input the hours you are available. This will tell Appointmentcore when you are available to receive appointments.
  • Make sure your time zone is set correctly.” 



#4: (Admin only) The Following Configurations On Your Booking Link Must Be Kept As-is.

If you have deleted, edited or changed any of these configurations please revert, or contact me at 

Campaigns And Automations (Automations Tab)

  • All 4 Infusionsoft automations must be present under CRM and Webhooks
  • Do NOT delete or edit them
  • If you do so accidently please email

Outcome Tracking
(Automations Tab)

  • Make sure dispositions is enabled.
  • The optionable checkbox can be either checked or unchecked
  • If you don’t see dispositions please email me at

Additional Configurations
(Automations Tab)

  • Leave all additional configurations UN-checked.
  • If any toggle switches are on, please toggle off.




To change your password visit and put in your email address. *Note: Trying to change the password in your profile settings menu has been causing an error for some users.

This can be for several reasons. #1 Your personal availability settings are not configured. #2 Your calendar settings are not configured correctly. #3 Your calendar is not connected.

Here is a video walking through each of these configurations. Click Here.

This is a known issue. Here is a video to a quick work around. Click Here.

But we have submitted this issue to the Appointmentcore dev team and they are working on it. You can also look at the phone number in the notification email you receive when a lead schedules.

Yes, however be advised that new booking links will be not be connected to the automation funnel. 

Several reasons.

  1. Calendly made a global change to their API configuration on June 30th, that made it a far less viable option.
  2. Calendly had a few major flaws in their API capability that was causing inaccurate data to be populated in our CRM such as incorrect agents showing as having received appointments, and candidates who scheduled using a different email address from their application would still continue to receive automated communications.
  3. Appointmentcore allows us to disposition leads for better tracking and reporting.
  4. Appointmentcore allows us an enterprise account so we can provide better support, adjust settings and provide better service to our agents.
  5. Appointmentcore is a smaller company and we are in direct communication with their owner allowing us to receive faster updates, provide feature requests and receive more hands on service than Calendly.

We are still negotiating the final pricing, but we are looking to come in close to what you were paying for Calendly but with more features, but it should be around $20 a month, with a potential discount for annual contracts.

Yes. Please watch this video for more instructions. Click Here

There is ultimately 2 ways to fix this, a very quick and easy way, and a not so quick and easy way.  Here is a video on how to do these two fixes. Click Here.

Currently, the description on the “Basic” tab when you’re setting up your booking link only populates in emails and on the calendar event after a lead books. We have put in a request to have the description be displayed underneath the title on the booking page, similar to the Calendly layout.

This is most likely due to your “My Calendar” settings. Watch this quick video for troubleshooting. Click Here.

There could be a number of reasons for this. Here is a video to troubleshoot some potential reasons. Click Here.

Appointmentcore agreed to create for us the unique functionality of having an enterprise account but allowing user to be billed separately. They have been working on this functionality but have not completed the feature request yet. As soon as they are completed on their end I will notify everyone on how to provide a credit card.

Yes, you can cancel Calendly. If you have additional appointment links in Calendly,  you can recreate those in your appointmentcore account, just be advised that any additional links will not be connected to our automation funnel. 

(Admins only) Here is a quick video showing how to do this. Click Here. 

(Admins only) Here is a quick video on how to do this. Click Here. 

This is done intentionally. All agents in the recruiting funnel run leads through one Infusionsoft account, so me (Paul Green) or Rohini Kalal our VA connected all of the accounts to our Infusionsoft. Please do not disconnect this or your appointmentcore account will no longer be able to send data to our CRM which will cause a miriad of problems. If you have disconnected your Infusionsoft connection, or if it is not connected, please email me at and

Your automated messages are most likely set to the “user timezone” instead of the “attendee timezone.” Here’s a quick video on how to make this adjustment. Click Here.

Yes, here is a quick video on how to update your settings. Click Here.

Here’s a video on how to add text messages to help increase show rate. Click Here. 

Possible Explanation #1: Your Round Robin is set to distribute appointments “In order”, view video on how to change this setting. Click Here

Possible Explanation #2: Members of your Round Robin have not set up their “Personal Availability.” View a video on how to update this. Click Here.

Go ahead and email me at